Client Comments

Very knowledgeable in construction, a talented builder.

A detail-oriented guy who can also keep the big picture in mind.

Understands risk and how to evaluate it.

A true expert at setting up and starting construction projects.

Always a quality work product with great presentation.

Good presenter of information, speaks clearly, projects confidence.

Projects confidence and expertise when speaking.

Great written proposal. Excellent thought process, organization and detail.

His experience in construction field operations stands out.

Very good at structural components of a project.

Writes very detailed and concise contracts thinking beyond what is shown on the plans.

He can take a complex issue, break it down and explain it to where even I can understand it.

Great construction schedule, especially your thought process and layout.

Understands construction and what impacts cost.

Excellent claim package, good organization and presentation.

You presented very well. We felt you were very knowledgeable and understood our needs.

One of the best job set-up guys I have met.

I would not want to be on the other side of the table from you.

A straight shooter, up front and honest.

Well organized individual, great at documentation.

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All photos on this website are from Fred Nolta's experience performing a significant role in their construction or forensic analysis.